Oscar Estrada


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About Me

I'm a Fullstack Software Engineer specializing in backend development, infrastructure, and software architecture. 

# Why software engineering? 

Software engineering is a creative outlet for me; it's an art and there's beauty in it. From the outside, it might just look like a screen filled with weird indented sentences and some gibberish. But for many artists like myself, it's a carefully built monument. As we create logic functionality, we're meticulously strategizing where this logic belongs, what it affects, what it should and shouldn't be dependent on, its responsibility, its main attributes, and so much more.

# Why software architecture? 

Software Architecture is picking the best overall architecture design of the system based on the requirements given. If we're building an apartment complex, we have several options; we have low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise. Based on the restrictions, funding, requirements, timelines, etc, we can make a decision on which we should build and how we should go about it. Software architects consider traffic, scalability, security, performance, and other character abilities when deciding which architecture to use. Most importantly, software architects are able to improve codebases. They can take "big ball of mud" codebases and start the process of introducing an architecture design to improve maintainability, security, and the implementation of new features.

Outside of software development, I enjoy helping other developers, staying active, and reading.